Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby News...My Eggo is Preggo!

  Well, I can't contain the exciting news any longer...Clay and I are expecting Baby Simmons in October! We have had a roller coaster ride since last September with losing our first baby, but the Lord sure does have a way of making things GREAT!! We know that this is God's plan for us. We also understand that no matter what happens, it ALWAYS happens for a reason. We have made peace with the loss of our first baby and I truly believe we will meet it someday.
    With that being said, we cannot be more excited about this pregnancy! I am finally feeling great and over the whole nausea mess...hopefully it doesn't show its ugly face again! This pregnancy just feels different from my first and I'm hoping that's a good thing. My first appointment was amazing and we have the baby's first photo with mommy!
More to come from the "not so Newlyweds"...and soon to be parents!...

1 comment:

  1. Yay!! We couldn't be more excited for yall!!!
    And who knows, maybe our babies will end up with the same birthday!?! :D