Wednesday, May 18, 2011

House Progress...

Last weekend was wonderful! I actually spent the entire Saturday at home helping Clay with the house...which he was mighty impressed with! What's that saying..."Happy wife, happy life", well what is the saying for husbands? Anyways, we accomplished alot and the house is really starting to take shape! We put in another window and a door that will go out onto the porch in the nursery. I don't have pictures of the finished product, but I do have a picture of what I came home to last Thursday night. Clay got home from work out of town on Thursday and just felt like diving right into working on the house. Since I work until 8 pm on most Thursdays, he had to act quickly to have everything cleaned up before I got home. He moved all of the furniture to the center of the room and ripped out all of the wood paneling still left in the nursery (our bedroom). Here is the result of that...

Since we finished the window and door this past weekend, all this room needs now is sheet rock! Yippee!
By the way, here is a picture of what I saw on the back porch when I pulled up to the house on Thursday night...Clay is so lucky he cleaned up in time =)

On Sunday, my very talented Uncle Rick came over to paint our front door. The color we chose is Sun dried tomato and I am sooo happy with the way it turned out!

Clay jokes around and says that all he needed to do to the house was add a red door and I would have been happy! He's not too far from the truth, I love red doors! 

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