Monday, September 26, 2011

The Simmons' house these days...

Well, who knew that I would become so consumed with this pregnancy and blogging would go out the window?! Since the last blog post, which happened to be in July...yes, it now September, many things have happened in the Simmons' house. We added a new metal roof with overhangs that will one day have a porch underneath them...can't wait! Pretty much the entire house is done and now we get to enjoy it. We recently realized that all of the remodeling was for Cooper to have his own house and for us to just be able to stay there too. Seriously, I cannot believe how much a baby needs or what I think he needs! Every room has his stuff in it, but here's the great's complete, for the most part and very livable. We are still doing things here and there, but just having a house to make a home right before Cooper gets here has been unbelievable. On the list of things still to do are finishing the bathroom (it's functional, but needs finishing touches), adding the open shelves in the kitchen above our cabinets (these shelves are from a man who cuts/sells cedar planks...found him at Canton. We bought a small piece last month from him and used it for our bar that separates the kitchen and living room. Clay sanded the raw wood down and used polyurthane to finish it off nicely. It turned out so great that we decided to do our open shelves from the same it!), putting up siding, and last, but not least, adding finishing touches of furniture...aka dining room chairs and a recliner for the living room.
Here is a picture of the piece of wood that is already done...

Notice the baby jumper-roo in the background? I said, Cooper has stuff in every room of the house lol!

As mentioned before, I still need dining room chairs because I purchased the table without the chairs since they were out of stock at the time...sad day! And yes, I have no seating whatsoever, except for my couch, so this whole chair thing needs to be fixed pronto! Here is a picture of the table *mimus the chairs* from a party we had at the house a couple of weekends ago.

I love the idea that I am adding pictures and blogging about furniture and decorations for the house. We (me especially!) have been waiting so long to be able to be at this point! We definitely have been enjoying our time in our home and can't wait to bring Cooper into our world. I guess we actually made our deadline except for the few finishing touches. Now we are counting down the days until our family of two becomes a family of three...Simmons, party of three! Love it and makes my heart smile!
More to come...

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