Thursday, March 4, 2010

We will miss Brooke!

Yesterday was a tough day at the Simmons' house. We found out our puppy, Brooke, got ran over last night on the highway in front of our house. This was devastating news to me because I am such an animal lover and grow easily attached to anything. Clay was a little upset, but you know Clay, he didn't show any kind of emotion. He said that we couldn't do anything about it now and he didn't want to hear it brought up again. I think deep down he just didn't want to hear about it because it would make him sad!

I just wanted to write a post all about Brooke and how much she will be missed! She was a very energetic dog and loved to play outside. She was very smart and was just getting the hang of riding in the back of Clay's truck without jumping out. Brooke would've been a big dog, but I think she would've always been a puppy at heart. She was a great dog and she will be missed!

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