Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Weekend {House Update}

Ok, so this weekend was huge for us and our future home. We finished painting trim, doors, etc (except for the bathroom door and laudry room door)! At the last minute, we decided to do a bathroom demolition and so it threw us for a loop when we needed to finish all of the painting before the flooring arrives TOMORROW! I love saying that...the floors will be in by Wednesday and I could NOT be happier. So far, the bathroom is the last room that needs attention besides flooring, but who cares...we are almost done! I bought the laundry room door Saturday, which I love! Mike is installing the bifold door that is louvered today and I am thinking it will look great in the house. I can't wait to see it =) Here are a few pictures of some of the progress that was made this weekend...
This is what our front yard looked like for pretty much the entire weekend...we looked like white trash. We even had a girl pull up to the house asking for directions to Dallas (man, was she WAY off track) and yes, this is what the yard looked like. Not to mention, I was in the redneck pool, 6 months prego in a bikini! I'm sure she thought real highly of us =-)

This is the bathroom that all of the above mess came out of...ready for flooring tomorrow!

These are a few of the pictures around the house that show the paint and trim on the windows...notice that I have a caulking gun in hand and am actually helping! Not the best I have ever looked, but hey, I had to prove that I am actually contributing in all of our house projects.

Ps. I have to apologize for the crummy pictures! I had to take them with my cell phone, becasue I forgot my regular camera at my parent's house...shocker!

I can't wait to post pictures of the floor later on this week!!

More to come from the "not-so-newlyweds"...

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